Домой Интернет SMS gateway for mass mailings

SMS gateway for mass mailings


SMS gateway is a software package that allows you to send messages not from a mobile device, but directly using a special program. Such software is used to implement the integration of SMS functions with programs, websites, and services. Portals allow you to send messages to different countries. It also allows you to send an unlimited number of messages. This tool is useful for large companies, online stores, and other organizations.

Despite the active development of social networks and the possibility of doing business on the Internet, SMS remains the most reliable and accessible channel of communication with any audience. For example, unlike the Instagram profile, every citizen of our country, any profession and social category has a mobile phone, which means that using SMS you need to easily and quickly «reach» the client.

You can quickly and easily create mass advertising messages on the Internet. You don’t need to install additional software, you just need to register on the site, add existing customer and employee contacts, complete tasks, and you can be sure to send a message to subscribers.

Enable any program that allows you to automatically send SMS messages directly from any resource: online service systems, CRM, and other software.

It is also possible to attract potential customers through a database of numbers, divided (fragmented) into segments depending on the connection of the players to the mobile phone.

You can launch an SMS newsletter in just a few minutes by sending messages online from the company’s website or via the API.

The portal will help you work better with your clients. You can use it to conduct promotions, as well as send greetings to customers, reminding them to make payments on the loan and change the balance on the card. You can also use the SMS portal to confirm the order in the online store, inform about the delivery of the order, the delivery time of the taxi, etc.

The SMS portal will make it easier to work with clients, increase the speed of sending SMS messages and allow you to send a large number of messages. You will be able to check the status of the SMS message and set up the mailing list in time. All processes will be automated. You don’t need to create new parameters before sending them.


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